A patent-pending method for the definitive authentication of ownership of SMS and voice phone numbers. An SMS keyword, ID, is introduced. Consumers that send the “ID” text message to an authenticated phone number receive a link and authentication code that can be used to definitively prove ownership and authenticity of the text messages and voice calls to and from the given phone number.

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Common SMS-based Attacks

1 Impersonation

Attackers representing "trusted" third parties to pry valuable information and money from unsuspecting victims.

2 Misinformation

Voter suppression and misinformation can damage reputations and lead to confusion and disaster.

3 SMiShing

Attackers use SMS to phish consumers for valuable personal information that can be used for fraudulent purposes.

A*SMS ID: Definitive Proof of Ownership

Keyword ID

Consumer replies "ID" to any message -- an attempt to verify the ownership and identity of the sender

Link/Code Delivered

A link to the enterprise website and an authentication code is delivered in reply


Consumer visits the website, enters the code, and sees definitive proof the enterprise sent the message.

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